The new single
‘Call of the Last Wildcat’

Release date: 21 May 2021
Endangered Species Day

“A creature moves almost unseen;
she waits for the sun to set –
Hear the call of the last wildcat”


About the artist

After attending a songwriting retreat in Scotland, Maaike Siegerist left her life in the Dutch port city of Rotterdam behind to study music in the UK. She’d already been in several bands, in genres ranging from acoustic jazz to progressive metal, and felt inspired to make music her main focus.

Armed with her acoustic guitar, she moved to Bath, where she recorded and self-produced her debut album Born Before the Wind. Tom Robinson handpicked several of its tracks for airplay on BBC Radio 6 Music, praising the closing track ‘Keep It in the Dark’ for its “delicate vocal, poised production, gorgeous chord changes.” Maaike moved to Bristol in 2018, and has since won the songwriting competitions of Glastonbury FM and the University of the West of England.

“I love using unusual chords and choosing the right instruments to build sonic worlds, to match what I’m writing about,” Maaike says. “I want every song to sound different and unique.”

“I write songs about things that make a big impression on me – from travels and love, to social justice and, more recently, ecology and endangered species.”

“Maaike’s voice is butterflies-inducing.” – Neil March, Trust the Doc

Behind the track

Taking musical inspiration from Maggie Reilly’s collaborations with Mike Oldfield, and the dark fairy-tale atmosphere of early Within Temptation, ‘Call of the Last Wildcat’ is an ode to the Scottish Wildcat, an untameable animal on the brink of extinction.

Aside from Maaike’s clear vocals and acoustic guitar, we hear Within Temptation’s original drummer Ivar de Graaf building tension on drums, before Bas Willemsen of the prog metal band Alarion comes in with soaring guitar solos, empathetic to the wildcat’s plight. Susanna Downes on piano, and Jonni Slater on synths and bass complete the band.

Explaining the inspiration behind the song, Maaike says: “I wrote ‘Call of the Last Wildcat’ when I was visiting the Cairngorms two years ago. The landscape was breathtaking – so beautiful and rugged! There was a drawing of a Scottish Wildcat in the cottage where I was staying. It made me curious, so I read up on them. They’re fierce animals – I could imagine them hunting in the forests. But they’re on the verge of becoming extinct. All of that came together when I picked up my guitar and started writing.”

To help the wildcats, Maaike will donate all money from sales and streams of the track to Saving Wildcats, a charity that breeds Scottish Wildcats for release back into the wild.

‘Call of the Last Wildcat’ is written and produced Maaike Siegerist.
Instruments: vocals, acoustic guitar, piano, lead guitar, synth, bass and drums.


Where ancient whales lie fast asleep
Under blankets of green trees
Where water rolls from snowy peaks
Like thousands of years before
A creature moves almost unseen
She waits for the sun to set
Hear the call of the last wildcat

Her green eyes stare patiently
Her fur blends with the bark of trees
This is who she’s born to be
She doesn’t make a sound
She jumps out from her hiding place
Feathers in a trap
It’s the call of the last wildcat

For many moons, she ran alone
Along the slopes of crumbling stone
Fleeing from her mother’s home
A disappearing forest
She’s looking for one like herself
But not a trace, so she cries out
Hear the call of the last wildcat

Where ancient whales lie fast asleep
Under blankets of green trees
Where water rolls from snowy peaks
Like centuries before
It’s been years since she was seen
Or we even found her tracks
But I swear you can sometimes hear
After the sun has set:
The call of the last wildcat

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