Privacy Policy


This website uses cookies. I do not use cookies to store personal information about you, and will make no attempt to identify you through use of cookies.

Google Analytics runs on this website to record how visitors use it, in order to improve it. Read more about Google Analytics cookies.

When you click on embedded images, videos and social network links from third parties, those parties may set cookies. This includes content by YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

Email privacy

If you sign up to my mailing list, you may receive emails from me from time to time. I won’t share your personal information with anyone. I use either Gmail or the email marketing platform MailChimp to send emails.

MailChimp uses unique identifiers in those emails to perform tracking functions. I use the tracking data they collect to ensure my emails are relevant to your interests and we do not email you needlessly. Information on how to disable this can be found online or in your email program instructions. You can opt out of emails sent by me by using the link provided on the email at any time.

How long do I keep your data for?

We will not store your personal information for longer than is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected.